Regolamento alberghiero inglese

  • The hotel contract is an agreement under which the hotelier undertakes to provide the customer with accommodation, possibly food and / or other complementary services and the customer undertakes to pay a cash consideration for these services. The agreement between the parties is valid from the time of BOOKING only if this is made in writing (CC Art.1326), and is perfected, or becomes binding, when the customer accepts the hotelier’s proposal in writing (price and conditions).
    The DEPOSIT constitutes documentary proof of the booking confirmation and corresponds to 30% of the total amount of the booked service. This has a confirmatory nature for the hotelier and a penitential nature for the customer, consequently, in the event of cancellation within 15 days prior to arrival or no-show (no show), it will be withheld. In case of early departure, the customer is required to pay, in addition to the amount consumed, 100% of the total cost of the stay.
    The term “SEA VIEW” is used when the room has windows or balconies from which you can see the sea. The word “FRONT SEA” indicates the room with a direct view of the sea. The wording “DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH OR THE SEA” indicates that the location of the hotel is adjacent to the beach without the need to cross public passages.
    The ROOM is available to the customer from 14:00 on the day of arrival (check-in) to 10:00 on the day of departure (check-out). In the event that the room is not vacated by this deadline, the customer will be charged a penalty as compensation for the damage (CC Art.1591). The occupancy of the reserved room must take place by 14:00 on the day following that indicated as arrival; if within these terms the customer does not arrive and / or does not confirm the reservation, it is considered canceled. Furthermore, the delayed and / or non-arrival does not exempt from the payment of the booked and unused service. The guest is required to respect the premises in which he is staying, which should not be damaged (CC Art.1587 and 1588), using the structure diligently in compliance with the internal regulations.
    The PRICES indicated in the price list are per day per room and include taxes (excluding the tourist tax). When a minimum and maximum price is indicated, this application depends on the season, the type of room, its exposure, the number of people occupying it and the length of the stay. The customer can choose the following treatments:
    ➢ ACCOMMODATION (room only)
    ➢ BED AND BREAKFAST (bed and breakfast)
    ➢ HALF BOARD (bed, breakfast and dinner) for a minimum of 3 nights
    In the prices of the treatments indicated above, drinks are always excluded. The meals provided in the treatment chosen by the customer, if not consumed on the day of arrival, can be recovered on the day of departure without price increases. Meals not consumed for other reasons will not be deducted.
    The CITY TAX is not included in the rates. For this accommodation facility, the tourist tax is € 1.50 per person per night, applies for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights and must be paid directly by the guests upon departure. a) minors under 12 years of age; b) the workers of the accommodation facility with a contractual or study relationship not resident in the Municipality; c) subjects who practice rehabilitation therapies and subjects who assist patients hospitalized in health facilities located in the municipal area or in the Province of Savona, on the basis of one companion per patient d) handicapped and non self-sufficient persons, whose aforementioned conditions are certified in accordance with the current regional and / or national legislation of the country of origin and one accompanying person.
    The services of the hotel’s PRIVATE BEACH, during the summer season, are included in the room price. For each room, the use of an umbrella and two sun loungers is free from the second row onwards, from the day of arrival until the day of departure, which is excluded. The first row, to be requested at the time of booking, additional sun loungers and / or umbrellas and an umbrella on the day of departure are subject to a fee, subject to availability.
    Pets can access your room and all common areas of the hotel with the exception of the private beach and must always be kept on a leash both inside the structure and in the relevant outdoor areas. For their overnight stay a supplement of € 5 per room per day is required.
    The hotel has some parking spaces, external and unattended, for a fee (€ 10 per day) that cannot be booked and subject to availability.